2024 Resolutions

Resolution 2024-01 Designating TD Bank as Depository for Township Funds. Adopted 01/02/2024
Resolution 2024-02 Updates to the Fees Necessary for the Township to Cover its Costs to Process Township Permits and Applications for the Benefit of Private Property Owners. Adopted 01/02/2024
Resolution 2024-03 Appointing Donald Foy to the Zoning Hearing Board. Adopted 01/02/2024
Resolution 2024-04 Authorizing the Condemnation of a Parcel of Land in East Coventry Township Adopted 01/08/2024
Resolution 2024-05 Plan Revision for Villages at Frick Lock LLC Land Development Adopted 01/08/2024
Resolution 2024-06 Thomas Mowrer 50 Years of Volunteer Service at Ridge Fire Company 02/12/2024
Resolution 2024-07 Appointing Herbein + Company, Inc for the 2023 Audit 02/12/2024
Resolution 2024-08 Authorizing the Submission of a Grant Application for the 2024 Round of the Chester County Municipal Grant Program 02/12/2024
Resolution 2024-09 Authorizing the Submission of a Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement 02/12/2024
Resolution 2024-10 Granting Conditional Approval of Final Subdivision and Land Development Plan for Villages at Fricks Lock 03/11/2024
Resolution 2024-11 Recognizing John Becker for Twenty-Plus Years of Service 03/11/2024
Resolution 2024-12 Resolution Adopting the Chester County 2021 Hazard Mitigation Plan 04/18/2024
Resolution 2024-13 Requesting Funding From the Department of Community and Economic Development's Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program for the Towpath Park Boat Ramp and Kayak Launch Project.
Resolution 2024-14 Accepting the Sanitary Sewer Extension in East Cedarville Road Right-of-Way Adjacent to and Extending From Parcel 18-4-41.2A 06/10/2024
Resolution 2024-15 Authorizing the Submission of the Ellis Woods Road Bridge Multimodal Transportation Fund Grant Application in the Amount of $510,916.35
Resolution 2024-17 Authorizing Extension of the Time in Which Interim Tax Bills Must be Issued to a Property Owner
Resolution 2024-18 Increasing the Tax Duplicate Fee From Two Dollars ($2.00) to Five Dollars ($5.00)
Resolution 2024-19 Policy and Procedure For Consultant Selection