Ellis Woods Park

Park Pavilion Rental Form Application

Fee for renting the Pavilion:  Resident: $100 or Non-Resident: $150

Ellis Woods Park is located at 855 Ellis Woods Road Pottstown, PA. The park can also be accessed at Hershey Drive cul-de-sac and Ebelhare Road. Ellis Woods includes 71 acres of woods, meadows, wetlands, and cultivated farmland behind the East Coventry Township Building. More than 50 acres were purchased through an open space grant.
The Park has many special features. It is bordered by Pigeon Creek, a state-designated high-quality waterway and riparian wetland area. The trails provide scenic views of the creek valley and wooded eastern portion of the Township. The lowland areas provide nature enthusiasts opportunities to discover a wide variety of flora and fauna. Birders can observe more than 100 varieties of birds as well as small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.
Other amenities include a fenced in playground, gravel track, pavilion, basketball/pickleball court, pickleball courts, gaga ball pit, and several miles of nature trails. A birder's loop features birding interpretive signs by habitat to guide your experience. (A birder's observation list that you can print and carry with you is below.) The area is now an official Wildlife Habitat. Below is a description of the nature trails. (Click the map at right for a full-size printable version):
  • Forest Loop (1/2 mile) – A half-mile wooded loop begins at the trailhead past the track. Tall trees and native plants support migrating birds as well as local wildlife throughout the seasons. This trail also reveals water views of Pigeon Creek.
  • Creek Trail (1/4 mile) – The Creek Trail loosely follows the Pigeon Creek and has several scenic overlooks and links to other trails within the Park.
  • Farm Loop (1 mile) – The Township’s 53-acre acquisition of a portion of the former Creekview development gives residents walk-in access points at Ebelhare Road and Hershey Drive, and an expanded trail system that includes the Farm Loop.
  • Meadow Loop (1/2 mile) – The Meadow Loop was added with the 53-acre open space purchase. The area provides protected habitat for pollinators such as birds, bees and butterflies.
  • Birder’s Loop (1 1/2 miles)  The Birder's Loop overlays several trails and crosses multiple bird habitats. Along the trail you will find interpretive signs which highlight birds commonly observed in the area. Some nesting boxes have been added. View and print an accompanying birding list below.
  • Wildflower Meadows were planted to increase opportunities for pollinators and for the enjoyment of visitors. What is in bloom will change throughout the seasons and will attract different birds and insects.
Please respect the wildlife that lives here and the residents who border the park. All East Coventry Township parks and trails are Carry In/Carry Out. Please bring all trash to the cans in the parking lot or take your trash and recyclables with you.