2020 Ordinances

Ordinance No. 237 Amendment re: Vehicle Auctions Enacted 02/10/2020
Ordinance No. 238 Amendment to Wireless Communications Facilities Ordinance Enacted 02/10/2020
Ordinance No. 239 Ordinance re: Sump Pumps and Other Prohibited Discharges into Public Sanitary Sewer System Enacted 03/09/2020
Ordinance No. 240 Prohibited Parking on Wiand Lane Enacted 03/09/2020
Ordinance No. 241 Ordinance Amendments Re: Historical Commission Enacted 08/10/2020
Ordinance No. 242 PMRS Non-Uniform Pension Plan Enacted 07/13/2020
Ordinance No. 243 PMRS Police Pension Plan Enacted 07/13/2020
Ordinance No. 244 Intergovernmental Cooperation Implementation Agreement for PARRC Enacted 08/10/2020
Ordinance No. 245 Horse Boarding Enacted 09/14/2020
Ordinance No. 246 Amendments to Public Sanitary Sewage System Ordinance Enacted 10/12/2020
Ordinance No. 247 Miscellaneous Amendments to Driveway, Subdivision and Land Development and Zoning Ordinances Enacted 11/09/2020