East Coventry Nature Preserve

The East Coventry Nature Preserve has two main access points on Maack Road and Schoolhouse Road. The park consists of several acquired parcels and conservation easements that have opened up more than 150 acres to recreation opportunities for residents. Three separate but connected parcels – the 82-acre Schoolhouse easement, the 60-acre Maack Meadow, and the 16-acre Kulp Woods – allow residents walking and horseback riding opportunities as well as the chance to explore many natural habitats. 
Woods, meadows, and creek are host to mammals such as deer and fox, as well as ample species of birds. Look closer and you will see small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Walks here will take you past historic farms and a nineteenth century schoolhouse. The Preserve has scenic views, picnic spots, and the chance to bump into neighbors and make new friends.
Below is a description of the nature trails at the Preserve. (Click the map at right for a full-size printable version):
Schoolhouse Trail (1.5 miles) – This trail borders farm fields lined with deciduous trees, including some great white oaks. Whether your interest is fitness, horseback riding or lunch at the picnic table at the top of the hill, this trail offers great opportunities to see wildlife. 
Maack Loop (.75 mile) – This trail allows easy walking through beautiful fields. Watch for red tail hawks and foxes. Take in the sunset on the bench at the top of the hill on Schoolhouse Road. 
Daniel H. Kulp Farm Loop (.5 mile) – This loop trail surrounds private property and will take you to the historic stone wall along the path used by children who attended the schoolhouse at the top of the hill. Please respect the privacy of these gracious owners. The historic farm house and barn can be seen from the road. 
Pigeon Creek Loop (.25 mile) – This trail starts behind the parking lot, follows the Pigeon Creek and returns to the parking lot. There is a bench by the creek to allow for peaceful enjoyment of nature. 
Keith Taylor Trail (500 feet) – This trail departs from the Pigeon Creek Loop. It honors the late equestrian Keith Taylor. 
Sunny’s Hill Trail (1,000 feet) – If you are feeling adventurous, take this horse-friendly side trail through a meadow and down to Bishop Road. 

Pandanwal Trail – This loop trail, while not part of the East Coventry Nature Preserve, is located on Schoolhouse Road a short distance from the preserve. (NO DOGS ALLOWED)

Be aware that pets must be leashed at ALL times throughout the entire Preserve. Please respect the wildlife that lives here and the residents who border the preserve. Keep voices low and leave no visible trace that you were here. All East Coventry Township parks and trails are Carry In Carry Out. Please take your trash and recyclables with you.