Public Works Department

The Public Works Department maintains approximately 59 miles of the Township roads, facilities, properties, and sanitary sewer system, including five pump stations.  Public Works plows Township roads in winter and maintains the roads in spring, summer, and fall by repairing, paving and clearing drainage swales.  Roadside grass is mowed to maintain proper sight-distance. Public Works conducts a Christmas Tree Pickup annually; check the homepage in January for Tree Pickup dates.

Public Works News

Do not blow your grass clippings or leaves onto the roads or into the storm drains.  Do not shovel snow into the roads.  Do not place trash cans in the roads.

Bealer Road between Keim Street and Route 100 is closed until further notice. 

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The Township has received partial funding through PennDOT's Multimodal Transportation Fund grant program to improve the intersection of PA Route 724/Peterman Road/Towpath Park Access. This Project has been identified as a transportation need through the Township's Roadway Sufficiency Analysis (last updated 2011) and Transportation Capital Improvement Plan (last updated 2021).  Prior versions of these studies and plans identified this project as a future need to accommodate development growth in the Township, which has increased the East Coventry population by nearly 50% since 2000.  The Project will include:

  • Signalization of the intersection.
  • Widening of the westbound and eastbound PA Route 724 approaches, as well as the Peterman Road approach, for separate left-turn lanes.
  • Installation of pedestrian signal equipment and crosswalks.
  • Reconstruction of Peterman Road.
  • Installation of sidewalk along the west side of Peterman Road.

The Project will provide a signalized access point for vehicular traffic in the western portion of the Township to the heavily traveled PA Route 724, relieving congestion at this and nearby intersections. It will also provide important benefits to pedestrian travel by adding sidewalks, crosswalks, and a connection to Towpath Park and the Schuylkill River Trail. Two proposed stormwater management basins will be constructed within the Park at the northwest and northeast corners of the intersection. Approximately 0.882 acres of parkland will be impacted as part of the proposed Project. It has been determined that the use of a portion of the Park for the stormwater management will not adversely affect the activities, features or attributes of the Park.

Please note that the Plans posted below are submitted for state review and approval, and therefore are subject to change.

See Construction Preliminary Plans Attached

See Traffic Signal Plans Attached

See ADA Compliance Plan Attached

See Roadway Cross Section Plans Attached

See Traffic Control Plan Attached

See Sign-Pavement Preliminary Plans Attached

See Post Construction Stormwater Management Plan Attached

See Towpath Park Impact Plan Attached